There were a number of figures I didn't want to mess with (yet) who nevertheless needed help with those shapeless lumps of black plastic on their back...
Dusty (2K) Daina ('98) Lt. Gorky ('98)
Mainframe ('86) ...gauges even have coverplates! Slaughter's Marauders Spirit
Gung-Ho ('01) Funskool Roadblock Funskool Roadblock
Red Star Funskool Beachhead Blowtorch ('02)
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow ('02) Funskool Flint Ripper ('02)
Leatherneck Tunnel Rat ...nice headlights!
Alpine Recondo Recoil
Viper ('02) Downtown
H.E.A.T. Viper ('01) Dart (looks way better with him)
Sound Attack weapons?! ('02)Salvo ('90)