Big Ben
Figure & Equipment:
Big Ben (2K)
scratchbuilt gun barrels
Physical Modifications: Big Ben got the usual filing and filling job. For the first time, though, this included filling in the waist, as his jacket is one continuous piece. I repositioned the left fingers and toes, and actually sawed off the entire left hand so I could rotate it into the proper position to grasp the rifle. I also filed off the comm headset moulded onto his cheek, as it looked fairly bad. Iíd never even noticed it on the original Big Ben (one of my favourite figures, no less!) because it was lost amid the face-paint camouflage. I experimented with a number of positions until I found one that combined the motion of running forward with the kickback of recoil.
Painting: You may have guessed from my spelling that Iím a bit of an Anglophile, so itís no surprise that Big Ben is one of my favourite Joes. While researching camouflage patterns I discovered that his mould is actually an amazingly accurate SAS uniform, so I decided to be as realistic as possible on this one. Unfortunately British camo is extraordinarily complex, and I donít know how well I really captured the swirly pattern. I accidentally dry-brushed the clothing far more heavily than I intended, but the resulting soft, fabric look is magnificent, and hides the deficiency in the pattern. The wonderfully detailed backpack was a joy to paint.