Under Construction

A preview of what's coming soon eventually to Scale Model Joes


High on the list of decent figures destroyed by a bad paint job. To reconcile Hasbro's bizarre original palette, I'm putting this figure in Swiss-style Alpenflage, a real-life camo pattern that actually includes orange.

Duke (2K): head, torso, & waist
Law (2K): legs
Rampart: arms

This stands to be my first Scale Model Joe with parts from multiple figures. Obviously I've done no work beyond assembling the desired components, but this will be my rematch with Desert Storm camo. Not only did Duke come with a far more accurate helmet than my first incarnation, but the equipment around his waist is the closest G.I. Joe part ever to the webbing used by actual U.S. soldiers. However his ribbed-for-whose-pleasure boots had to go. Fortunately I've been wanting to paint Law's legs but not really the rest of him, so that worked out well. Then I had a trashed Rampart from an early Scale Model Joe attempt (suspiciously absent from these pages...) which matched the right bagginess.


Nyal Bartch selflessly donated this figure, the loosest, wobbliest figure I have ever come across. It's just perfect for my purposes. It may be a while before I start work on this one, but I hope to have him driving my X-D Vietnam Era Mutt Jeep, fully detailed with rust and mud, with at least one other figure manning the TOW missle launcher.