Desert Storm
Figure & Equipment:
Breaker '97 body, backpack, helmet
Bazooka '93 rifle (original mould Ambush '90)
scratchbuilt canteen and cigarette
Physical modifications: I filed off the flashing and copyright embossing, then filled all joints and screw wells filled with contour putty. For some reason the watchband wasnít moulded to go all the way around his wrist, so I remedied that with more contour putty. Using a heated knife I hollowed out the thigh holster and added a strap with lead foil. I also hollowed out the top flaps of the backpack.
Painting: This was more an attempt to do a realistic Gulf War soldier than a G.I. Joe per se (hence the cigarette; Iím sure none of those wholesome Joes smokes). I love Desert Storm camo, and Iíve always been astonished that Hasbro never issued their own figure wearing it. However, I didnít get the pattern quite right; in real life there are actually two other subtle colours. Next time, huh? Regardless, this was my first Ďrealisticí figure and my first decent face.
Groundwork: The original base, on a picture frame, was somewhat overpowering, so I downscaled to a little circle of featureless desert. Less is definitely more.