Figure & Equipment:
Firefly (98)
Physical Modifications: Filed off seams and copyright embossing. To obtain the desired pose I made cuts at the left hip, right knee, and right toe and then filled all the joints with contour putty. For the first time I also filled in the shoulders, which turned out to be easier than I had thought but was still nervewracking as it had to be done after everything else was painted. For the backpack I cut off the post and scratchbuilt shoulder straps.
Painting: “Urban camouflage” is a creation of fashion designers, but if anyone has a legitimate military purpose for it it would have to be Firefly. Unfortunately the pattern isn’t as dense as it should be; Livevil still has me beat hands down when it comes to painting camouflage. Since the comic book continuity indicates that Firefly hails from Southeast Asia, I gave what little skin he shows the appropriate tone. Bringing out the detail on his backpack was extremely satisfying; in fact, displaying it was the reason for the pose.
Groundwork: That fence MAKES this diorama! I am so happy with it. My previous figures all belong in a particular environment, such as desert or marsh, that was easily reflected in a square inch of base. Firefly needed a more elaborate setting to showcase his purpose, and I found the perfect one. I also love how the barbed wires, which are essentially suspended in midair, give the illusion of the fence continuing in either direction. They’re actually made of really fine solder wire with sewing thread tied around it and cut off on either side of the knot.