General Hawk
Figure & Equipment:
General "Toma" Hawk (2K)
(with scratchbuilt bedroll, scope, and rifle barrel)
Physical Modifications: I knew this figure would look wonderful after painting, but his oversize shoulders and flat back made him unsuitable for a full-blown Scale Model Joe. Naturally I filed off the seams and all that, but this time I also filled in the holes at the elbows and shoulders for a smoother finish. The general’s sunglasses were also somewhat fused to his face, so I gave them more of an overhang with an X-Acto knife. I sawed off the bedroll moulded on the backpack and made a new one to test out a modeling technique I saw in a book. I folded up a Kleenex and soaked it in a mixture of water and Elmer’s Glue. Then I rolled it up and tied thread around it where the straps would cinch it tight. It dried solid and I covered the threads with masking tape straps. This kind of scratchbuilding, with regular household items, is far preferable to depending on specialised parts, which is how I added the rifle scope. This involved a chance discovery of tiny little lenses at a industrial component surplus store called Axman. Stupidly I didn’t buy any right away, and next time I stopped in, they’d moved them and it was six months before I found them again. This is the reason General Hawk was posed with Spirit’s equipment for that time.
Painting: This figure was released right when I wanted to try painting a leather jacket (thank you, Hasbro!). I spent a lot of time getting a two-tone base with two shades of brown, then added very white highlights like you'd get off such a glossy material. After painting in the shadows I also drybrushed a mustard colour to give the effect of wear on the creases. Finally I outlined the straps and pockets with really dark brown. For the trousers I got to improve on Bazooka’s rendition of American camouflage.
Filecard template courtesy of GIJoeJunkie