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Updated 8 Sep 2022

These aren't your mother's customs, soldier! I approached G.I. Joe customising more as a scale modeler than a Joe collector, and just look what happened. Painted shadows and highlights, detailed equipment, smooth joints, and painted faces. Admittedly they’re useless as playthings, but I hope you’ll take a look around my radical brand of G.I. Joe custom figures. Enjoy!

How did this happen? Well, as I was finishing up college I was getting back into scale modeling. However I was never that interested in cars, airplanes, or trains, or any of the real-life objects that scale modelers typically build. In fact, I have a theory that modelers build their genre of models because it’s prohibitive to actually own World War II fighter planes or dozens of muscle cars, which is what they’re really interested in. On the other hand, I was really impressed with other people's figure models. Unfortunately a figure kit, like those produced by Verlinden Productions, is about $40(US) a pop. Way too much for my meagre budget, especially since the first dozen would be lousy while I developed my talent.

Then I remembered all the G.I. Joes sitting in a drawer in my room at home. I'd always been greatly impressed with the level of sculpted detail on each figure. I think a major factor in the longevity of the line was the huge amount of variation among figures despite their having to be rigidly similar in size, shape, and articulation. It was unfortunate that the necessities of mass manufacturing meant that no figure had more than about four different colours. Well here was an essentially free source of modeling material, and as I started examining my figures, my love for G.I. Joe was reawakened. I started visiting Joe websites and interacting with other fans online, and was reminded of how compelling the G.I. Joe universe was.

More than one person has pointed out that my customs are no more than "glorified statues", rendered useless as playthings. For the vast majority of customisers, who create their figures to add characters to their army, this is absolutely true. Even a fully articulated figure, like Bazooka below, would look very much out of place alongside undoctored figures and traditional customs. Since I don't, and to an extent didn’t, play with my figures, this wasn’t an issue for me. I simply want other Joe fans to enjoy my work, even if it has no application to their needs.

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Spearhead & Max Viper
Salvo Laser Viper
Wild Weasel Starduster
Sci-Fi Big Ben
Marconi General Hawk
Firefly Bazooka
Toxo-Viper Snow Serpent
Desert Storm Colonel Brekhov
Heads Equipment
The Real Weapons
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