Max's Lynx

Other Joe Custom Sites is heir to the Bivouac's massive collection of many, many customs.
General Hawk's G.I. Joe Page has some of my favourite customs.
Evilface's Fourth Circle of Hell hosts some of the most highly regarded customs on the web.
G.I. Joe Junkie's Home Page has a bunch of customs I really like.
Special Ops has several cool customs.
Decky's Diorama-Ramain Ireland has the most incredible dioramas ever constructed, hands down.
Capolan's Customs are without question the most detailed on the web.
• Not only does AstroUnique have customs, custom filecards, artwork, wallpaper, and more, but he proclaimed me G.I. Joe Link of the Decade and designed an awesome banner for this site! And without me even asking!
• And if that's not enough, Action Figure Checklist has scads more links (in the lower left) plus neat-o animation.

My Other Sites

• Have a look at the other scale modelling projects that keep me from cranking out more Joe customs at Fantasy Dioramas by McGhiever.
• Spy on my reading habits at McGhiever's Reading List.
• Follow my peregrinations at McGhiever's Travels.
• If, by astounding coincidence, you are also into comparative linguistics, grab hold of your socks and have a look at Languages I Can't Speak.
• I'm turning my burgeoning Paint Shop Pro talents to visual parodies, a few of which are secreted here.

Finally, you are more than welcome to link to this site, especially if you want to use this kick-ass banner designed by AstroSpacePirate: