Sci-Fi ('86)
Figure & Equipment:
Construction: Nothing fancy about the physical preparation of the figure, just the basic filing and sanding. I had wanted to pose him kneeling and taking aim with his laser rifle, but ultimately I discovered that there was simply no way to reposition his shoulders properly. After a critical examination I conceded that there was no satisfactory way to fill in the joints, so I skipped it entirely.
Painting: Nevertheless I was intent on doing a treatment of this figure. I have to say that Sci-Fi was the only neon figure Hasbro released that more or less worked. Plus, after several realistic but therefore drab Scale Model Joes, I needed to do something a little zestier. I must say it's given me a bit more insight into Habro designers' dilemma. Creating drab figure after drab figure year after year would have made, let's face it, a slightly monotonous line. Granted, neon was totally the wrong way to go, but I don't think G.I. Joe, as a product, could have done without unrealistic but not over-the-top colour schemes such as Shockwave, Crimson Guards, and the 2000 Dusty.
Groundwork: Owing to this figure's name and colour scheme, I figured a lunar-like base wouldn't be too excessive. I enjoyed planning the stages of construction to leave the crater recessed into the base.