Spearhead backpack, Duke helmet

High on the list of decent figures destroyed by a bad paint job. To reconcile Hasbro's bizarre original palette, I'm putting this figure in Swiss-style Alpenflage, a real-life camo pattern that actually includes orange.

Since I was having trouble getting good camo patterns with a paintbrush, for this project I used artists' felt-tip pens. They kept rubbing off, though, which was so discouraging it helped drive me away from my Scale Model Joes altogether. Lesson learned!
Physical Modifications: The usual filing and filling in of screw wells.
Groundwork: The rock ledge is a piece of foam insulation, which had a nice sandstony texture. As usual the ground is Sculpt-a-mold and the water is Enviro-Tex, two commonly used scale modelling products. The twigs and rocks are real, and the leaves are beech seeds hand-painted with fall colours. Otherwise the vegetation is a variety of modelling products, including Sil-Flor bunch grasses.