Viper '04: torso, arms, waist, legs, neck ball joint
J&R Productions: Iron Grenadier head, Viper helmet

Viper '04

J&R Productions Viper equipment

I started with the original JvC head but it was just so undersized it looked ridiculous. I had the good fortune to start this project while J&R Productions was still in business. (This was a small webstore where a fan was casting G.I. Joe parts, including hollowed out helmets of original figures like the Viper. Absurdly he was shut down by Hasbro, not for offering reproductions of their products, which he had permission to do, but for using their copyrighted names.)
Physical Modifications: The complete Iron Grenadier head did not fit in the Viper torso, so I wound up cutting off the neck ball joint and pinning it onto the head. Other than that all I did was file the seams smooth and fill in the rivet holes.
Painting: This repaint idea is so obvious even Hasbro managed to think of it. A traditional blue and red repaint of this mould comes out in early 2005. This is the first figure I've painted entirely in acrylics, which made it go a lot faster but I'm still struggling with blending the shadows and highlights.
Groundwork: A trimmed section of plaster bricks cast from Hirst Arts Castlemolds, which I've been using extensively in my fantasy modelling.