What's New?

Every time I modify this site, I change the "Most Recent Update" on the front page just to let people know I'm alive and haven't forgotten about this site. Lest anyone show up and start hunting around trying to find just what was updated, I've added this page to make life a bit easier.

10 Dec '11: Officially unveiling a major non-custom project. The Real Weapons of G.I. Joe is my attempt to pull together information from all over the web about the real-world weapons Hasbro has produced in the G.I. Joe line.
4 Jul '11: Happy Independence Day! After an unforgiveably long fallow period, I've uploaded pics of the finished Spearhead & Max. I've also removed some peripherals like the links page since they were wildly out of date.
6 Jan 2K7: Two new backpacks: Recoil and Downtown.
28 June 2K5: Posted a full view of the Viper with groundwork complete, along with a new backpack, Recondo, and a preview of an upcoming figure.
26 June: I'm pleased to say that Salvo won first place in his category at the G.I. Joe Convention custom contest. I didn't finish anything new for the show, unfortunately, but hopefully a few of you got to see 6 of my projects in person.
22 January 2K5: I still need to finish the base, but I've gone ahead and added a page for my first JvC figure: the Viper.
14 August Hand in hand with the frosty new conditions in Hell, I have posted finished pictures of the long under-construction Salvo.
1 July 2K4: Shock of shocks, I have some additions! Several new backpacks are up.
24 November: Posted better pics of Laser Viper, Sci-Fi, and Big Ben.
20 November: Not a biggie, unfortunately, but there's a new entry and several improved pictures on the backpacks page
24 January: Oh yeah, another figure! "Preview" pics of Laser Viper which is all done except for his laser rifle. Also I posted a small picture of the upcoming Salvo's rocket launcher and mine launcher.
12 January: Wrote a new figure review and updated other reviews with photos.
10 January 2K3: Added a small new gallery of painted Heads, a more appropriate picture of Spirit's backpack, and improved photos of Marconi.
29 December: Several new backpacks are up.
7 October: FINALLY! Big update of all the work that's built up since my first digital camera went kablooey last spring. I got a new job recently and bought myself an Olympus C4000 in celebration. So feast your eyes on two all-new figures, Wild Weasel and Starduster, plus gads of new equipment.
29 August: Posted an update of Salvo with many of the details filled in. I also added a picture of some new sculpt swords to the Equipment Page, although the scan does not at all do them justice. For these I airbrushed buffing metalliser and then sprayed them with gloss coat. Fortunately I got a new job and plan to buy a new digital camera in the next few weeks!
13 August: Added the third major painting stage of Salvo to the How To page. Now that I'm getting to the smaller details, things will accelerate with him.
4 August: My advice to you: Never, ever have your RCA camera break. Still waiting for my refund 3 months later. Dam' their eyes! In other news, posted an update of Salvo and added it to the How To page as well. Also added a review of Viper from Wave 1.5.
19 June: Still trying to replace my camera, so I furtively scanned Salvo at my alma mater's imaging lab to post at least an update of his progress.
24 May: I'm so sorry I've been neglecting this site. My brand new digital camera broke, so I haven't been able to take any pictures. To update you verbally, Starduster is done except for some of his equipment, and painting commences on Salvo this weekend. I'll be getting a new camera as soon as the refund arrives from RCA, so until then I've added two new figure reviews and posted a link to AstroUnique, only in part because of the awesome banner he designed for this site:
6 February: There have actually been a lot of little updates in the last month. Today, though, I posted pictures of Sci-Fi in his final iteration, added two previews of what's Under Construction, and changed the Wanted page to reflect another much appreciated donation by Nyal!
10 January: Posted vastly improved pictures of Marconi, my first original character. Plus there's another review and I've been adding content to the How To page as I begin work in earnest on Salvo.
8 January: Two new pictures on the Equipment Page (formerly the Backpack Page). You'd never know it was Funskool...
5 January: I moved some clutter on the front page down into the Gallery menu. Also added a few pictures to the review page.
1 January 2K2: Added two new Figure Reviews and retooled the review page navigation.
30 December: Posted better pics of Sci-Fi and Big Ben. Also added pictures to the review page.
21-24 November: FINALLY! Posted 3 new figures: Sci-Fi, Big Ben, and Marconi (my first custom character). Plus there's two more items on the Backpacks Page.
12 November: Added another Figure Review.
11 November: Joined The Real American Heroes Webring, which has been started because the previous Joe ring seems to be dead. Meanwhile, I will be getting my own digicam at Christmas! and believe me, you will start to see frequent updates. Already I have three figures ready to post that are just taunting me from their shelf.
9 October: Added two more Figure Reviews.
4 October: I've decided to augment my infrequent Scale Model Joe posts with more readily created Figure Reviews. Oh, and there's a new picture on the front page which, obviously, you'll have seen already.
23 September: Added a preview of Wave 6 in a Parallel Universe!
13 September: Still waiting to borrow a digicam to add pictures of the completed Marconi. Until then, there are a few new Lynx.
2 August As promised, added more pictures to the How To page.
31 July: BIG UPDATE (well, comparatively). First I made the Gallery menu a bit more space efficient, then added updated pictures in the Under Construction section. Finally added pix of General Hawk with the right equipment and moved the interim equipment loaned from Spirit to the Backpack page. I'll be expanding the pictures and commentary on the How To page in a day or two.
24 July: Joined the protest against the new sculpts being previewed by Hasbro. While they look like they could make for some pretty awesome Scale Model Joes, these are simply not compatible with the G.I. Joes in our beloved collections.
11 July: Finished the preliminary How To page.
3 July: Added a page of what's Under Construction.
25 June: Added a link to an incredible new site, Decky's Diorama-Rama, with jaw-dropping custom bases.
8 June: Just moved to a new apartment, so I haven't had computer access for a bit. Slightly updated the Wanted page, though, with a big shout out to Danza for selflessly donating one of the figures!
24 May: Changed the front page background.
21 May: Tweaked front page and added this page.
17 May 2K1: Added the start of a How To page.