How You Can Help

You can help out by sending me:

  1. New languages
  2. New recordings of languages or accents
  3. Corrections

I am looking to add any human language to this site. In addition to modern languages, I'd love to add "dead" languages like Old English, Gothic, Sanskrit, Ancient Egyptian, everything!

Don't worry about the phonetic transcriptions! If you happen to know IPA you can help with that, but otherwise I will write the transcriptions.

I want to add more audio files to this site. Please, native speakers only, though. I want these to sound as true as possible.

I also want to add multiple files for languages that are spoken in different accents. For example I would love to get recordings of Britons and Scots and Australians and Jamaicans, etc., speaking the phrase in English.

I don't speak these languages, so there are probably mistakes. If you see something that needs to be fixed, please let me know. I would especially appreciate help improving the phonetic transcriptions.

Please help this site grow by emailing me. Don't be scared; I welcome all correspondence!