"Archer in the Rye"


from 2273: Derek the Tall

This figure is sold as a horse and rider together, but I only wanted the horse. Thus I had a leftover rider I needed to do something with. I repositioned his leg so he was in a running crouch, bent out the arms to a reasonable firing position, and scratchbuilt an arrow (mechanical pencil lead & index card) and bowstring (human hair). I'd been puzzling for some time how to model tall grass, having developed a fondness for that environment after working at a prairie preserve. The only ideas I come up with were hugely labour intensive, but I decided I could test them out on a very small base. The grass you see here was done in small sections over several days, pressing pinches of Woodland Scenics' field grass into still-wet Sculpt-a-Mold. The seedheads, to me the essential detail, were made by dipping individual grass stalks into glue and then sawdust.

Reaper 2273: Derek the Tall Reaper 2273: Derek the Tall