Forgotten Realms


These are a few PCs and recurring NPCs I painted for the Forgotten Realms D&D campaign I was involved in for a year. That campaign seems to be over for the time being, but these figures help illustrate the full story of my character Llanmhael.

Reaper 2246: Elquin Reaper 2246: Elquin
A moon elf Ranger/Druid. I modified the figure's staff into a spear.
Figure: 2246: Elquin w/ staff [modified]

Reaper 2422 Sir Michael Reaper 2422 Sir Michael Reaper 2422 Sir Michael
Trebor is a human paladin, worshipper of Helm, the god of strength. Tends to throw himself in harm's way, believing his god will protect him. Llanmhael considers this a bit reckless, but he can't argue with results: after the elf, Trebor is the party's longest-lived member.
Figure: 2422 Sir Michael the Gold

Ral Partha 61-048: Swashbuckler Thief
A wily human rogue.
Figure: Ral Partha Imports 61-048: Swashbuckler Thief

Harlequin 8501: Elias Wormwood Harlequin 8501: Elias Wormwood
An elf rogue, the stupidest character I've ever adventured with, played by the most annoying person I've ever gamed with. I wouldn't have honoured the character with my talents, but this bulbous-nosed, gap-toothed, scarecrow-haired hick rogue from Harlequin was the perfect insult.
Figure: Harlequin 8501: Elias Wormwood, Thief

The Efreet
Reaper 2436 Kazala the Efreet Reaper 2436 Kazala the Efreet
An evil efreet that laid waste to the kingdom of Amon-Ra generations ago. Eventually the Bedine managed to imprison him in a magic lamp, but a foolish member of Llanmhael's party released the demon and he now wreaks his revenge.
Figure: 2436 Kazala the Efreet

Sheik Mendel
Reaper 2433: Omar al-Kafour Reaper 2433: Omar al-Kafour
Mendel is sheik of the Oasis of the White Palm, a Bedine encampment in the Anauroch Desert.
Figure: 2433 Omar al-Kafour, Sultan of Hakir